The Game That Entertains Me – SET

I present my favorite game – SET – the first word of the title of my blog.

I used to be obsessed with it and be so excited about the colors and patterns of the cards.

Now, not so much obsessed, but still I decorated my wall with the 81 cards Christmas 2017. Each card is unique.

It is either

  • 1, 2, or 3
  • empty, striped, or solid
  • red, green, or purple
  • Diamond, Oval, or Squiggly

Yes. 3 to the fourth power = 81

Introduced to this game at a summer camp, I was initially determined to succeed in getting the most SETs against my opponents. I sought for the game at a bookstore and started practicing intensely – like four to five times a day by myself. Sometimes others join in.

Fortunately, I was not the only person who likes that game. A few of my classmates and I actually became friends through playing SET at lunch!

How SET has influenced me:

  • Got me temporarily distracted by the game for around 4 months from the negative thoughts of depression
  • Found good friends who relate to me better
  • Improved my English speaking skills. From only yelling “SET” to rambling long sentences.
  • Found my passion in math. Although still disliking the amount of homework, I enjoy learning anything and everything about math.
  • Calms me down when I get anxious

The Joy of SET, a book I purchased at UCSD bookstore during a college tour, introduced me to the mathematical concepts of that game. I have not finished reading it yet (60% there), but it’s been an inspiration. It is about math, so if you are not the greatest fan of the subject, I do not suggest you to read it. You can simply enjoy the game of SET without any knowledge of math.

It is the greatest entertainment when you find SETs and win, but a frustration when you see nothing and feel dumb when everyone else are taking away cards.


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